[lime-dev] BMX features Was: magic icmp

Pau pau at dabax.net
Fri May 17 09:48:35 UTC 2013

I agree :)

Gioacchino Mazzurco <gio at eigenlab.org> ha escrit:

>On Thursday 16 May 2013 10:45:10 Gioacchino Mazzurco wrote:
>> > 2) to support virtual (overlay) links on top of an existing network
>> > specifying a remote ip address instead of a interface for meshing.
>> > This way, it would be easily possible to interconnect clouds that
>> > no direct link between each other (eg over the internet, similar to
>> > tinc or other VPNs are doing).
>> This would be very good and give to bmx6 a lot of advantages in
>respect to
>> other routing protocol :D
>This would also save per packet overhead due to the elimination of the
>VPN ( 
>tinc for example ) in the middle, this also mean less MTU problem,
>definely we 
>want this :D
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