[lime-dev] autconfig/autobuild

Gioacchino Mazzurco gio at eigenlab.org
Mon May 27 20:30:49 UTC 2013

On Monday 27 May 2013 22:20:38 Pau wrote:
> I agree, the system should be 100% auto-configurable. So the user can
> download a generic image, install it and enjoy it. This is the same
> approach we are following in qMp.

So the 3 previous firmware from us ( also eigennet was completely autconf ) 
followed the same approach, but how to solve problem bounded to specific models 
like black tplink ? ( on those devices it is a little trinky to make work vlan 
on the switch because the eth0 and eth1 are not existent but are created 
trought utagged vlan moreover the hardware switch has some limitation with 
tagged vlan ) 

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