[lime-dev] Fwd: Re: [Freifunk-Mentors] GSoC 2014 - Wanna do it?

Gioacchino Mazzurco gio at eigenlab.org
Sun Feb 16 01:02:11 UTC 2014

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Subject: Re: [Freifunk-Mentors] GSoC 2014 - Wanna do it?
Date: Sunday 16 February 2014, 01:59:36
From: Gioacchino Mazzurco <gmazzurco89 at gmail.com>
To: freifunk-mentors at googlegroups.com

On Saturday 15 February 2014 16:37:34 Mitar wrote:
> LibreMap is TODO. Can this be filled in or removed?

Hopefully LibreMap guys will fill it soon, anyway don't think it's a problem if 
it stay as TODO some day more, anyway i'll forward your email to remember to 
the about the idea on the wiki ;)

[ JOKE ] Mitar do you worry LibreMap taking some shine instead of Nodewatcher 
? :p [ / JOKE ]

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