[lime-dev] Improvement on Libre-Mesh at HackErasmus #2

Pau pau at dabax.net
Wed Feb 26 11:31:46 UTC 2014

Great work Gio.
Unfortunately I did not have so many time this week you were here, let's
see if next time we can stay at least a couple of days together.


On 25/02/14 23:37, Gioacchino Mazzurco wrote:
> The past week I was in Garraf at La Responsable together with Al to work on 
> libre-mesh, here I'll do a little report of the work done:
> First of all my attention was dedicated to complete stabilize and merge into 
> develop, wireless mode modularization (branch features/modes-modularization), 
> wireless modes supported were implemented directly in wireless core file and 
> didn't support adding of new wireless level configuration modules, so if 
> someone would for example implement support for 802.11s ¹ in libre-mesh had to 
> edit core wireless configuration files, while now he can just implement a mode 
> module, writing very little number of line of code and without the risc of 
> breaking the libre-mesh core.
> Then guided by testing and features requests emerged talking with Al about 
> emerging communities needs, we decided moving on the following:
> First I had to change some default values that was giving trouble for example 
> the channel 60 is DFS then radios had some difficult waking up we moved to 
> channel 48 as default that doesn't give such troubles.
> Then because we had some cheap device around we tried to flash them with libre-
> mesh but the image was too big, so andother pass of modularization was needed, 
> this time I have splitted protocols support in defferents packages, so for 
> example cheap battery nodes can ship just batman-adv or just bmx6 according to 
> user needs, also debug tools were removed form lime-system depends and 
> splitted to lime-debug tools, so we can install them just when needed and when 
> them fits.
> This new rounds of modularizations evidenced some bad abits in the code like 
> using a global uci cursor and stuff like that, all things that were fixed before 
> merge in develop ( more detalis on features/onadiet branch )
> The new possibility of having a hybrid mesh of nodes having L2+L3 or L2 only 
> support suggested the needs of having bmx6 take advantage also of L2 only 
> piece of mesh so in the branch features/bmx6_over_batman the autoconfiguration 
> module doing this was implemented and then merged into develop
> The rest of time was used to debug why bmx6 wasn't working as expected that 
> resulted in the discovery that older bmx6 version are working as expected 
> while newer manifest a bug already reported on this mailing list, plus enjoing 
> life :)
> While waiting fore the dealyed aircraft i was thinking to some odd output of 
> ps command missing dnsmasq then now i have tested and DHCPv4 is not working 
> thanks to libre-mesh new modular nature debug of this part will be easier and 
> hopefully done in following days!
> Thanks to La Responsable for ospitality and fun time together!!
> [¹] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.11s
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