[lime-dev] lime-config error Hex

Ilario Gelmetti iochesonome at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 14:03:38 UTC 2015


On 08/14/2015 09:33 PM, 3zl Trizonelabs wrote:
> running lime-config get follung error and faulst in config files (%M %N
> parameters not set)

Can you send us the /etc/config/lime and /etc/config/lime-defaults files

> Chaos-calmer 15.05

Can't you work with stable (Barrier Breaker)?
I think the majority of us are using Libre-Mesh on top of Barrier Breaker.
You can follow these build instructions based on OpenWRT BB (14.07):

> /usr/lib/lua/lime/network.lua:35: attempt to call field 'Hex' (a nil value)

Due to scarcity of hardware likely I will be unable to reproduce anyway...

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iochesonome at gmail.com
igelmetti at iciq.es
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