[lime-dev] chef.libremesh.org respect PACKAGES but not /etc/config/lime-defaults

pau pau at dabax.net
Thu Dec 28 02:56:19 UTC 2017

You are right, this can happend if an opkg package profile is used.
There is no way, as far as I know, to ensure that a packet is installed
after another one in ImageBuilder. So I don't see a quick way to fix
this issue. You might want to open an issue to the chef git repository.

In the other hand, using shell cooker, it should not happend cause it
uses the FILE option of imagebuilder which is held after all OPKG


On 26/12/17 22:28, Gio wrote:
> as in subject you can reproduce it by creating an image for the canmasdeu/
> bridge profile with plain lede flavour
> I suspect it is because the profile get opkgized and it may be installed before 
> lime-system and then the file get overwritten
> haven't tested if with last cooker it happens or not to confirm my theory
> Cheers 
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