[lime-dev] Request to support in compiling Libremesh for GL-INET AR750 router.

senthil kumar sentenwin at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 08:02:02 UTC 2018

Hi Libremesh Dev Team,

I am very actively using Libremesh to set up the community network in
India. I have used GL-INet AR150 single band router. Now I would like to
build libremesh firmware for AR750 router.

More Details about the router

This is officially supported in openwrt/LEDE

Can someone help me in compiling this? I am facing error while compiling.
How to add the profile for gl-ar750 in libremesh? Looking forward to the

*senthilm at sencloud*:*~/lime-sdk*$ ./cooker -c ar71xx/generic
--profile=gl-ar750 --flavor=lime_default --remote

-> Using remote repository for ImageBuilder, architecture: mips_24kc

-> Cooking ar71xx/generic/gl-ar750

-> Cooking firmware image

--> Selected extra packages: lime-full lime-app -dnsmasq

make: Entering directory '/home/senthilm/lime-sdk/17.01.4/ar71xx/generic/ib'

*Profile "gl-ar750" does not exist!*

gl-ar150 is compiling without error.

Thanks and Regards,
*  •  **Senthilkumar M*
*  •  **Community Manager,*
*  •  **Google Developer Group Madurai**,*
  *•  **Mentor, Metoomentor.org*
*  •  **Senior Research Engineer, Qualcomm. *
*  •  allaboutsenthil.in <http://allaboutsenthil.in>*
  •  +91 8095207092
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