[lime-users] Catalan Libre-Mesh Meeting [was: Battlemesh Porto]

Amuza amuza at riseup.net
Sat Apr 9 13:28:49 UTC 2016


I'm new here -well, I very briefly met Pau two years ago at SAX, and Gui
and Ál recently in Valencia. The thing is that I want to start a
community network here in Valencia, Spain with Libre-Mesh. So far I have
read almost everything I've found on the web about Libre-Mesh and bought
several routers for a lab too.

Before presenting the project to the community -so that they get
involved in the deployment- I would like to meet people with hands-on
experience on Libre-Mesh to learn quicker. I was considering to go to
Porto, but apparently the BattleMesh is kind of a developers' event and
I'm not a developer, but kind of network admin. So this mini LiMe
meeting in Catalunya sounds great to me. I have already filled in the Dudle.

Thank you.

On 04/04/16 18:56, Ilario wrote:
> 2016-03-29 10:46 GMT+02:00 pablo <pablo at grn.cat>:
>> On 03/20/2016 10:46 PM, Ilario Gelmetti wrote:
>>> On 03/20/2016 11:09 AM, Gui Iribarren wrote:
>>>> buuuh that's a pity! i was hoping to meet you there :(
>>> Hey! Couldn't we organize a mini LiMe meeting in Catalunya
>>> (Barcelona or Vilanova i la Geltrú?) in April?
>> Sounds so good to me :)
>> What's needed for this to happen?
> Hi all!
> I saw quite a lot of interest going on about having a small Libre-Mesh
> meeting somewhere in Catalunya in April, so let's do this!
> This event is thought as a warm up for BattleMesh v9 in Porto which
> will be on from 1st to 7th of May.
> When, let's see what's the best option:
> https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/unstable/CatLiMe2016/
> How long, well, In my opinion we could stay more than one day but this
> depends from the venue!
> Where, do you have a proper place to offer? Say it!
> Maybe at KLV in Vilanova i la geltru'? (the location of HackMeeting
> Iberico 2016)
> Maybe at Calafou?
> They will have a great event: "Hack the Earth" in 22 - 24th of April;
> in case we decide that weekend for the event we could even propose
> them to include our event into theirs...
> https://calafou.org/en/content/simbiotica-hacktheearth-2016-workshops-confirmed
> See you soon :D
> Ilario
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