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bruno vianna bruno at pobox.com
Tue May 9 13:20:52 UTC 2017

so, as i had mentioned to nicolas some time ago, i'd like to encrypt
and tunnel the whole traffic of a local network and would like to try
do it in a raspi.

i actually tried this configuration and it works really well. i made a
post in portuguese [1], based on this [2]. all traffic routed to the
raspi is sent over to a openvpn server. i actually changed the dhcp
server on a openwrt router to give out the raspi address as gateway to
all clients in the network, making the whole thing transparent to the

now the question is, of course, how to get this working in libre-mesh?
simply changing the /etc/config/dhcp didn't work, since alfred seems
to be the one filling dhcp requests.

also, there seems to be two approaches: this first one would be to
change the gateway in the clients when they receive the dhcp lease.
the other would be to keep the localnode gateways (x.x.0.1) and route
the traffic from them to the raspi.

then there is also the issue of having more than one exits to the
internet. right now the raspi is hardwired to the actual exit gateway
(outside libre-mesh). but it could be automagically updated to use the
best exit. it also nice to have the raspi physically close to the
exit, so that that less internal bandwidth is wasted.

any thoughts? thanks!




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