[lime-users] 802.11r and 802.11w functionality

Nk nk at os.vu
Fri May 12 11:45:10 UTC 2017

Hi all

I’ve noticed LEDE supports 802.11r and 802.11w and has the respective settings section in LUCI under wireless security. I’m not familiar with these protocols other than knowing they exist and I’m very happy to see them available for use with free and open software. Is there any way we could start some testing for them for LiMe [especially the first one, which would make roaming inside the network even more seamless, since it’s one of the core advantages and of LiMe]? I read that 802.11r requires only one DHCP server to exist on the network and no separate subnets, but I assume that our replication of such a network with every node handing out the same leases on the same subnet perfectly simulates this behavior even in this respect, and the “trickery” works also for this requirement, is this correct?

Also, is there a good rule of thumb to figure out the right way of enabling features available in LuCi from the LiMe configuration in SDK? I’ve been trying to put all nodes on SSH port 42022 [I know, security by obscurity, but it’s better than nothing, and our keys are 4096, so there’s a solid base already ;] and disable password authentication for instance. Or adding hostnames, and so on. If there’s a quick way of figuring these things out, I won’t have to bother any of you for every single customization I need to make ;]

Thank you in advance


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