[lime-users] back to vpn

bruno vianna bruno at pobox.com
Sat May 13 12:52:21 UTC 2017

> Instead of:
> AP clients -> Mesh nodes -> Mesh gateway -> Raspi -> Internet

actually you were of great help, this makes a lot more sense than the
other set-ups. nothing to be done in libremesh, except changing the
gateway in the libremesh exit router... I'll test that!

but still, this would not work when there are multiples exits. in this
case, this set-up would work better:

> Ap clients -> Raspi -> Mesh nodes -> Mesh gateway -> Internet

and thus my doubt remains - how can we tell every ap client in the
mesh network to use the raspi as gateway?
it should be done on the dhcp ip assignation, but I still couldn't
figure how it works :)


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