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Sat May 13 19:22:54 UTC 2017


I have a strange issue where sometimes, seemingly after a new gateway appears on the network, other routers that were offline during the change, cannot route internet traffic correctly even though BMX tunnels shows everything as being perfect, including the inet4 line with the exit node saying internet.

Steps to reproduce:

1] set up a node with internet access [A]
2] connect client via ethernet to a known to work second [and non-exit] node [B] which is wirelessly meshing with [A]
3] ping internet from client [it works]
4] shut down [A]
5] shut down [B]
6] turn on a new node [C] with the exact same config as [A] and connect it to the same WAN
7] turn [B] back on

Everything in luci will appear perfectly, you’ll be able to ipv6 ping any node, but any internet bound traffic will time out, even from the luci diagnostics page [not a client routes issue].

After rebooting [B], everything works consistently across reboots.

I’ve yet to try with standard 1607, but I’m using an extremely lightly modified config. I’ll do that tomorrow anyway.

Is there a way to restart batman to see if that’s the issue? [can’t find its entry in “startup”] Is there a way to restart some other service to figure out what the issue is? What should I look for in logs?

Is there a general way to force-reset something if a node sees a mesh exit-node but somehow isn’t able to route traffic to it?

Thank you


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