[lime-users] intro to this list, me and Caimito

Pau pau at dabax.net
Tue May 30 15:43:40 UTC 2017

On 30/05/17 17:30, Patricio Gibbs wrote:
> I joined the list a few weeks ago, and before my first LiMe post, here's
> an intro:
> Caimito is a community of ~40 people, with neighboring towns of ~300 and
> ~100, and tourists who visit. We currently have a 3 Mbps connection,
> shared with the friend whose house it's in (22 km away, connected via
> Ubiquiti PBE-M5-400)) and three WDR3500 routers in Caimito, all
> connected by UTP cable.
> Caimito: https://osm.org/go/YCpV3r1Nl--
> I grew up near Houston, TX, USA, and now live in Caimito, Esmeraldas,
> Ecuador. I met Nico, Jesi, and Gui in 2012, and this year I went back to
> visit and joined AlterMundi. I have very little programming experience,
> quite a bit of configuring-stuff experience, use GNU/Linux since 2011
> (Manjaro at the moment), ask lots of questions, and avoid my keyboard
> due to tendonitis. My focus over the years mixes computer tech,
> agriculture, community self-determination, bioregionalism, permaculture,
> group dynamics, ecologically-minded decision-making, raising
> compassionate and critical-thinking kids.

Nice introduction :)
Welcome to the libremesh world wide community.

> ~ Pato
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