[lime-users] Archer C60 and C50 - gluon support - chipset 5 GHz

Gio gio at diveni.re
Wed Dec 5 11:05:27 UTC 2018

On Wednesday, 5 December 2018 05:11:16 CET Patricio Gibbs via lime-users 
> What is Gluon support? Does it matter?

Gluon is yet another mesh tailored firmware, I think that info should not stay 
in openwrt wiki, same as "LibreMesh support" wouldn't belong there because is 
out of scope

> I've seen comments on this list that ath10k is not well supported and
> might never be. Does this mean the Archer C60 doesn't work well with
> LibreMesh?

I remember someone maybe Gui making it work, but it wasn't out of the box so i 
would not suggest to attempt to use ath10k based devices, both on ethical (it 
need binary blobs to work) and on pragmatic concerns (it probably won't work 
out of the box and most probably even after custon configuration won't have 
good behaviour/performances)


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