[lime-users] unifi 'mesh' aps?

dan dandenson at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 00:00:14 UTC 2018

a) I'm new here, be gentle

b) Anyone got libremesh running on the UAP-AC-M or Mesh Pro units?
What is most interesting is that they are dual radio, passive poe
powered, and outdoor ready.  The M has 1 ethernet, the Mesh Pro has
dual with PoE passthrough.  I'm not seeing it listed in the image or
the builder, hoping someone has done the basics here.

c) Anyone have some  examples of an in-production mesh with 2.4 + 5Ghz radios?

my design concept is that libremesh would be the backbone network
using both radios for mesh.  It would offer outdoor hotspot style WiFi
off the 2.4Ghz, and the wired interface would run down into the
customer's home and be their connection through a PoE injector.

I'm hoping that even over 3-4 mesh hops I could deliver a reliable
5Mbps service with the UAP-AC-M.

If a customer wanted to upgrade to a faster plan I would swap the
UAP-AC-M with a UAP-AC-Mesh Pro and add a PtP from a tower (I'm a
wISP) plugged into the Mesh Pro's second ethernet port and I would
bridge that to a VLAN on the PtP radio to essentially trunk the mesh
back to the tower.

That customer would remain on the mesh, would benefit from the direct
link to the tower, and would enable shorter hops for the basic plan

This kind of hinges on the low-cost $99 UAP-AC-M as a basic CPE as I
can't find any other devices on the market that offer a complete
product ready to use.

Top down design would be small pockets of mesh in the incredibly
difficult areas to cover with traditional point to multipoint
microwave models to supplement that design.  Would likely run an
edgerouter x at each tower as a place to terminate the VLANs in a
libremesh compatible device.

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