[lime-users] LiMe connect via WiFi with stock TP-Link

Patricio Gibbs patricio at altermundi.net
Thu Nov 29 17:02:44 UTC 2018

I appreciate the info...

El 29 de noviembre de 2018 11:27:33 GMT-05:00, modante en disroot.org escribió:
>If I understand right, you want to use the company's TPLink router to
>be used like gateway to access internet, Doesn't it?


>Then the best way I think is to connect this router to your own
>libremesh TPLink router via ethernet RJ-45 from a LAN port to the WAN
>port of the libremesh router.

Connecting via Ethernet is not possible because there is a road in between the routers and we do not have money to buy a cable and install it in a way that it wouldn't get damaged.

>I you wanted to connect them via Wireless, you have to scan from the
>libremesh router and connect to the company's router wireless station
>that will create a new Interface called WWAN that will act like the
>main gateway in the libremesh network.

This sounds like exactly what we want to do, but we need more detailed instructions. In what part of the LibreMesh interface do we find buttons to create a WWAN interface, scan available WiFi networks, and connect the chosen network to the WWAN interface?

>When you do this, you have to be sure that the libremesh router IP is
>not in the same sub-network that the IP from the company router.
>Probably this is not a problem because usually the company routers are
>in the 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x subnets while libremesh routers are
>configured in the 13.x.x.x subnet. But can be cause of trouble when
>using openwrt because sometimes both routers are in the same subnet by

I agree that this will not be a problem in this case since LibreMesh creates a 10.13.x.x network and the ISP router is 192.168.0.x.

>Please, try this and tell us if it works.

I look forward to trying with more detailed instructions.


>Regards :-)
>29 de noviembre de 2018 1:31, "Patricio Gibbs via lime-users"
><lime-users en lists.libremesh.org
>(mailto:%22Patricio%20Gibbs%20via%20lime-users%22%20<lime-users en lists.libremesh.org>)>
>	We have a TPLink router that belongs to the ISP and we cannot out
>LibreMesh on it not edit it's configuration. We have a TPLink 842 with
>LibreMesh, and we want it to connect to the WiFi of the ISP's router as
>its internet connection. How can we do this? I imagine we configure it
>on the Interfaces page and also the Wireless page, something about
>client mode and bridging interfaces, but my first attempt didn't work
>so I'm asking instead of failing a thousand times alone.
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