[lime-users] Hacktoberfest and free t-shirts

Ilario Gelmetti iochesonome at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 11:26:39 UTC 2019

Dear all,
October is the best month for learning how to use git as you can receive
a free t-shirt for that!

A couple of companies founded a thing called Hacktoberfest, which ships
a t-shirt to anyone submitting at least 4 pull requests on Github during

So, if you are interested, register here [1] using a Github user.
Then have a look at the issues that we tagged as "good first issue" here
[2] on the lime-packages repository, currently there are 13 which are open.
Of course you can also address other issues (feature requests, bugs...)
which are not tagged, you can find the full list here [3], currently
there are 58 which are open.





iochesonome at gmail.com
ilario at sindominio.net

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